About Jensen’s Mail and Copy

Jensen’s Mail & Copy, based in San Francisco, provides individuals with a wide range of packing, shipping, scanning, and copying services. Located close to the geographic center of the city, the store caters to residents of Noe Valley, Glen Park, Diamond Heights, the Castro, and neighboring communities. These customers benefit from Jensen’s Mail & Copy’s free parking spaces, wheelchair accessibility, and courteous staff, as well as its reasonable prices.

Individuals looking to ship something can choose from over 50 different box types, in addition to packing materials such as specialty tape and bubble wrap. Alternatively, they may simply bring in their items and let the professionals at Jensen’s handle everything–from clothes to diamond rings. The store frequently accepts objects that weigh as much as 150 pounds, and it uses automated shipping software to reduce errors and streamline the process.

San Franciscans who receive numerous packages or are simply looking for more privacy can rent a mailbox from Jensen’s Mail & Copy. The store offers personal, business, and premium size mailboxes, each of which comes with a private key and ensures that packages will not sit unopened on porches or in entryways. Moreover, businesses benefit from a high-profile street address and enhanced options for anonymity. If overflow occurs, employees set aside packages elsewhere in the store, and owners can pick them up at their convenience.

Copying and scanning services at Jensen’s Mail & Copy enable individuals to customize projects, prepare reports, backup their documents, and more. In addition to both color and black and white options, the store offers colored and resume-quality paper. Employees can also help customers design rubber stamps, scan documents to their e-mail, laminate signs and menus, and fax pages to destinations both in the United States and abroad.


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